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Cancer is a word that no one wants to ever hear, especially when it comes to our pets. Unfortunately, it is a common condition in dogs/cats and and it requires real expertise to know what the right approach is for your pet whether that involves surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, holistic treatment or nothing. Here at COR, we understand the stress and confusion clients feel when dealing with cancer, as we all have been in similar situations with our own pets in the past. We will discuss all of these options with you so that you can make the best decision for your dog. Although we are a surgical service, we are honest about whether or not surgery is the right option for your animal, as sometimes it is not. In this case, we will help coordinate the appropriate care for you and your pet.

For animals that do undergo oncologic surgery, we specialize in the most advanced form of cancer surgery in any part of the body with reconstruction if necessary. Our specialty includes limb amputation sometimes followed by prosthetics, head and neck surgery, extensive tumor removal followed by body wall reconstruction and body cavity (internal organ) surgery. Please read about some of our cancer heroes below!

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