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Sarah Torgerson

Sarah Torgerson

Sarah came to Southeast Florida from Minnesota in 2009. She needed palm trees, sunny days, and the beach in her daily life. After some time of settling in and volunteering at the Florida Wildlife Center, doors opened for her to pursue her Associates of Science degree and become a Certified Veterinary Technician. She began her journey working at a small general practice for three years where she became proficient in her skills as a general practice technician. Her desire to grow in the field introduced her to emergency veterinary medicine. She loved expanding her knowledge and experiencing critical cases.  After a few months, she was given the opportunity to join the specialty surgery team. Dr. Bibevski and her head nurse Amy taught her hands-on training in anesthesia at a superior level of medicine.  She was taught how to perform and provide the gold standard of care to the patients and clients.  She continues to be enthusiastic about expanding her knowledge and expertise as a specialty surgery nurse and strives to continue providing the best of the best care for the patients.

When she is not working at COR she is spending time with her beautiful family consisting of an amazing husband named Mark, a silly brown dog named B, and two fluffy cats named Bradley and Ferrero. She loves the simple beauties of South Florida and spends as much time as possible with her toes in the sand.


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