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Amy Coffman

Amy Coffman

Amy Coffman

Amy is a South Florida native and a veteran nurse in specialty surgery. Since a very young age, she had a passion for animals and created a career in the field starting at age 15 by volunteering after school at a veterinary hospital close to home. From there she was well on her way to embarking on what is now an almost 20-year devotion to the field of veterinary medicine.

Early in her career, she fell in love with the puzzle-like complexity of anesthesia, which eventually lead her to specialty medicine and surgery. Her primary training as an anesthesia nurse was along side a world renowned Veterinary Anesthesiologist followed by extensive and comprehensive continuing education in the field. Amy is now an active instructor in veterinary anesthesia in the community as well as a mentor to veterinary technician students and medical students alike from all over the US.

Amy and Dr. Bibevski have worked side by side for the last 3 years to create a team with unsurpassed quality and efficiency. Together, they have seen and successfully treated most complex problems and variations in veterinary medicine a few times over!

Outside of work, Amy loves nature, the oceans, mountains, canyons, forests – you name it and she will meet you there! When she is at home she loves to be in the ocean free diving and enjoying the beauty of the underwater world, as well as soaring the wind on her kite board. She has an adorable fur family. “Jack” is the cutest toy poodle you’ve ever met and “Nenna” is a gorgeous, interactive, dog-like, feline.


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